Saturday, July 20, 2013

new life for an old quilt

We have some cherished old whole cloth quilts at the cottage.


This one is my brother's favorite quilt for sleeping on the porch swing. It is so worn that it's easy to put a toe through the fabric. It is covered with tiny repair scars - finally time to give it some more protection.

I chose a vintage patchwork top that I collected a few years ago and made some necessary repairs to blocks that had completely disintegrated...

Then miraculously found a number of scraps of backing fabric of the same character and quality as the original quilt, which I pieced together... it was exactly the size of the old quilt.

A border of soft brushed cotton to make the top the right size, a bit of putting together and tying with embroidery floss and voila! The original quilt has many more years of use ahead of it - many more nights on the porch swing.

My brother's only request when I started the project was to "please make it feel old".

1 comment:

  1. And beautifully old in look and feel, it undoubtedly is! Well done! :-)