Monday, June 3, 2013

some treats

I've been busy beyond busy, so not much time for any posts, much less new work. So here are a few treats from recent shows I've had the pleasure to visit. Glorious work! All brilliant!

From "QUILTS OF ISRAEL" in Ailsa Craig, Ontario - magical!

Maya Chaimovich

Edna Gilad
Apologies - I did not get this artist's name

Zvia Klein
Linda Bar-On
Aliza Inbar

The Grand National Quilt Show at Homer Watson House , Kitchner, Ontario - Theme of "Local Colour" - breathtaking!

Nora Heurter, Waterloo, ON

Helene Blanchet, Calgary, ON


Anna Hergert, Moosejaw, SK

Millie Cumming, Fergus, ON

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  1. Thanks for showing these pieces -- especially Grand National...Ms. Cumming's piece is particularly lovely!