Sunday, September 15, 2013

Far too busy of a summer

It's hard to believe I have not posted in such a long time. So busy. Not so much quilting this summer, but fall is here and maybe I'll have a bit more time... wishful thinking, maybe?

I'm finishing this piece for an upcoming Empty Bowls project for the  House of Blessing, and enjoying taking on a defined project.

A few weeks ago I sent off a few quilts (mine and some friends) to Calgary to be distributed to folks who had lost everything in the floods earlier this summer. Here is the result! Quilting for Calgary. Funny thing, I think I can detect my black red and white quilt in the very last frame! I know that star shape. Pretty sure about it.

Busy at the museum - some wonderful quilts came in over the summer including this one which comes from the Fryfogel Family - an early and significant family in the area. Not sure of the dating yet, but definitely last half of the 1800s. More on this later.

Other work at the museum has mostly bee related to the upcoming (in 2 days!) International Plowing Match, where the museum will have a presence and I will be doing a bed turning on some of the quilts in our collection.

When it's all over perhaps I'll spend some time on this. It's big and keeps staring at me. I prepped this background some time ago... now for the real stuff.

Ask me in a week if I've changed my mind!

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