Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Direction? from the centre out.

 Lots of beginnings - lots of things in progress - wondering where it will lead.

A pile of hugs and kisses
a horizon? a door?
more hugs and kisses?
Clamped and dyed linen - a forest?
I've been fighting with this one for a while - cut the whole bottom half off and used it in another piece. Kept the stitching in the upper half and replaced the bottom with some fabric weaving (thanks, Jude).  I am still not liking the balance - even though it's far from finished. But then suddenly...
maybe it's a horizontal piece after all. Time will tell.


  1. There is an excitement with the horizontal orientation that's doesn't come across in the vertical (to my eyes)...wonderful!

    And is that a forest...or a row of flame? Hmmmm....

  2. i do like the disruption in the surface.....