Saturday, September 8, 2012


It's been a very busy month preparing for a new feature exhibit on Signature Quilts, as part of the Stratford Perth Museum's year long exhibit A Common Thread: Quilts of Perth County. More on that soon. In the the meantime, here are a couple of charming pieces I've recently acquired.

I'm still not sure how to use them. I'd like to keep them intact, but still use them in some kind of quilt textile. Not cutting them up - rather stitching them to a large fabric and overlaying other stitching, combine them with other fabrics? Maybe.  Maybe with this one....


  1. How large are they? You might do the top one ups as a whole-cloth piece. Check out the work of Cindy Needham in this area -- she's very skilled with quilting vintage linens! (

  2. Thanks for the link, Margaret. Interesting work! Theses are fairly small. The cutie applying lipstick is a small linen hand towel; the oriental one is a dresser scarf about 40" w x 15" h' I think if I make a quilt sized piece I'll need a a few more.