Saturday, May 12, 2012

Next Quilt Exhibit at the Museum

The SAQA "This is a Quilt" exhibit was so successful that the Stratford Perth Museum will continue with a major exhibition of local quilts going back 150 years. I'm in the process of matting some individual quilt squares - some from the collection and some which have been loaned.

Some are constructed from the tiniest scraps - making the most of slim resources - recycled shirts, summer dresses, pajamas? The dotted square that is part of this 9-patch is only about 3"x3", and it is made up of 8 bits of fabric. Some show the folds of a hem line.


Fried eggs and cowboys :)


  1. Reading Sandra Dallas' Alice's Tulips right now -- American epistolary novel set in the Civil War. Talks about how they pieced crumbs of fabric as shown in your example, so that nothing is wasted. We are so spoiled with our penchant for "matchy-matchy" these days, eh?

    Bravo for the new exhibit and the focus on textiles!

  2. Hi, Micaela. Came over to your blog from Spirit Cloth. Your artwork, quilting and stitching are so lovely. Bravo for the exhibit you're working on. I believe in "waste not, want not" as well so those pieced blocks appeal to me. I see you've been blogging about a year--me too. I've marked your blog and will come back to visit again to read backwards a bit.
    best from Tunisia,

  3. Nadia and Margaret, thanks for your comment. I'll be posting more pictures of our newly installed exhibit shortly. My favorites are always the scrap/crumb quilts. They have such heart.

    Margaret - I'm going to look up that book - thanks.