Thursday, May 31, 2012

did I mention this one?

A spectacular crazy quilt saved from an odd fate.  I got in contact with the donor only to discover that she had in fact rescued this quilt. She found it at a garage sale. The woman selling it said she didn't want it, but she had retrieved it from her sons who were planning to make a fort out of it! 

It's an odd piece - very long and narrow made of two large joined squares. At first there was some thought that it might be a coffin quilt, but closer examination shows that both long sides show seam lines where stitching has been removed... but if there were more similar panels it would have been an huge quilt indeed. So... still lots of questions.

Though we don't have any good provenance on it, it has some important local content - number of early commemorative ribbons, including this one from the Women's Ontario Hockey Association - 1901.


 Personally, I like the back.
It reminds me of African bark cloth


  1. What a stunning find!!! As you know from my blog, I am very fond of crazy quilts, and come by my fondness honestly. My grandmother would have been duly impressed with this one, as it appears she never finished the one she started as a girl.

  2. Treasure hunting at its best! So sad that people just discard such lovely pieces with no idea of their value.
    best, nadia