Friday, March 25, 2016

How Time Flies!

Spring has arrived, according to the calendar, if not the weather, and I look forward to it as a new beginning. The past year has come and gone so quickly it's hard to fathom. So without further delay or boring explanation as to the posting drought, here is some news from the past year, and a some new work.

What's been consuming most of my time has been my day job at the Stratford Perth Museum. Heavy work load, but wonderful creative opportunities. The development of the exhibition "My Corner of the World"  in collaboration with SAQA has been in the works for over a year. It has been a privilege to work with the people in SAQA and bring this exhibition to fruition.  It opens May 21 at the Stratford Perth Museum.

Last August I was invited to join "Connections" - a group of talented fibre artists. Meeting and collaborating with them has been inspiring and helpful in moving forward and breaking through a creative block. As most artists do, we spend a lot of time working in isolation. For the most part, this is both good and necessary, but so are the friendships, insights, mentoring and critiques of fellow artists. The first piece included in a Connections show was this small piece - part of the "18 x 18" Exhibition which has traveled to a number of venues.

A detail from "On the Land" - recently accepted in the first stage of jurying into Threadworks 2016 at the Wellington County Museum. Final acceptance is April 8...  I wait patiently until then to hear the news. I'll post the entire piece once the show opens.

This is how it started.

Next... the Huron Perth Quilt Guild and the upcoming Piecemakers show in St. Mary's - April 21-23. A glorious show - don't miss it if you're anywhere nearby. It's a diverse exhibition of traditional, modern and art quilts made by members of the Huron Perth Quilt Guild and the Stonetown Quilters' Guild. Here's a little piece I submitted - "I Go Walking, After Midnight..."

Plenty more... but that's enough for now.

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  1. Glad to see this post -- and very much looking forward to meeting you in person -- at long last! -- at the Opening for MCOTW in May. Blessings!