Sunday, April 14, 2013

the birds & the bees & the flowers & the trees...

I'm installing an exhibit this week at the Stratford Perth Museum. It's a truly beautiful exhibit of quilts, fibre art and wood carving, all inspired by nature, and all by local artists and artisans - Perth County, Huron, Middlesex, Wellington, Waterloo. There's been tremendous support from local quilt guilds and individual artists.

However, the installation has been a real challenge. We had a major ice storm here - knocking out the power to the museum and making it difficult for staff to get in... and then I came down with a miserable cold. Normally, I don't give in to such things, but this one has really brought me down. So 3 days behind and a day an a half to go before opening, I'm in bed trying to rest enough to make significant progress this afternoon. Offers of assistance from kind friends - fellow quilters and one of the carvers will get this back on track. The show must go on!

April 16 - May 26  - opening reception Saturday April 20 1:00 - 3:00

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