Sunday, February 10, 2013

music under the moonlight

I'm not sure if inspiration is elusive or if life is just too busy. I haven't posted in a while so when I came across this odd little piece, I knew it needed to be shared.
Part of a workshop a few years back. We were given a little sewing repair kit - the type you get in hotels - with a few bits of thread, a pin, a button, a needle, etc. We were challenged to create something with it... not too many other rules, I think. I used a ghost print on fabric and a couple of little trinkets I had in my bag. It's about the size of a postcard.


  1. The simplicity of this piece is delightful. Proof you don't need a gigantic stash to create something beautiful. :-)

  2. thanks, Margaret. I had so much fun making this.