Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Perth Huron Exhibit 2012

This piece has been accepted in the upcoming Perth Huron Exhibition at Gallery Stratford - July 8 - October 7.  The exhibit is juried by Doug Kirton. I'm especially happy to have been accepted since I admire his work and he was one of my profs at University of Waterloo.
If you can make it out to the opening, see you Sunday July 8, 1-3pm!


  1. Congratulations, Micaela! It's an intriguing piece. Does it have a name? Can you cite your inspiration? Is that fabric painting or stamping? (Curious so-and-so, aren't I?!) Have a great show!

  2. Thanks, Margaret. Your question is a good one and I should do a few blog postings on my process. My black and white images are collagraphs printed on an etching press. It's a lovely process that I prefer above all processes, but currently I don't have an etching press, or easy access to one. Hopefully soon I'll be able to do some more printing. The images are then combined with hand-dyed and pieced cotton.

  3. The title is "The Road Home". I will also have to do a post on the background inspiration - it's part of a big series. A short answer is that is comes from a study and love of African textiles, and a gut response to Stephen Lewis's Massey Lectures on Africa.