Monday, October 10, 2011

Time to Finish

I've been waiting (and pondering how) to overcome an artist's block, thinking that some new ideas will come to the fore soon enough... but no. I had set aside a number of unfinished projects so that my mind might be cleared of many stray designs and developments. However I think that the course of wisdom, and hopefully creativity, is to complete 6 or so projects that stare at me every day. Some are small, but still have a lot of hand stitching - the four sitting on the drafting table (not including the flying geese pattern underneath)...
...and some larger projects which require hand or machine quilting:

End of November, hopefully, these will all be done, and I will have some fresh ideas. There is one percolating about winter, because I have some beautiful fabrics that would suit the project...
... but it's time to finish a few things first.

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