Sunday, July 10, 2011

Inspiration - Chicago Art Insititute

Whenever I'm visiting Chicago I try to spend as much time as possible at the Art Institute. 

This time there was a splendid exhibit on Japanese Kimono - 1915-1940 , with some stunning black and red and cream coloured masterpieces. Regrettable photography was not allowed in this section since it's a special exhibit. However, in the Native American and African galleries I was able to photograph a few remarkable pieces. 

After the trip I pulled out some contemporary Japanese fabrics to work with. I love the simplicity of these fabrics and since I also love simple grids, decided not to do anything too complex with them. The patterns are beautiful just as they are. So the process has begun. Still not sure whether to have any inner border or just move from the small 4-patch to the larger square - without the border (don't have a pic of that yet) the movement is is more curious.

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