Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fibras Musicales

Destined for a fundraiser for the Brott  Music Festival, the textile works  for the Fibras Musicales exhibition  will be mounted for each of the three concerts at St. Christopher’s in Burlington and for each of the five concerts at Mohawk college. In the interim the works will be on display at the Burlington Arts Centre. Audiences will have a chance to view and bid on the works before and after each concert. The pieces were developed especially for the Spanish Night, August 11, where the symphony will perform Ravel's Bolero and De Falla's Three Cornered Hat. The final tour date and closing bid concert at the Royal Botanical Gardens concert on August 14. The works will be on a special internet website as well as the Brott Festival website.

It's been a fun and challenging  project. If you get a chance to view a YouTube video of the ballet Bolero, you'll see where the orange circle come from.

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